Why do 60% of UK public think overseas Aid is wasted?

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As promised in the last post I am revisiting this question . But before I add my views here is what some of you the readers thought

@JesseOsmun Aid is wasted because it is funneled through goverment hands, with Corruption skimming it instead of direct aid to people

Bob Hayward-Because after years of aid the root cause of the various problems remain unsolved.

Both these points raise interesting points but Bob’s question answers the question

Why do 60% of UK public think overseas Aid is wasted?

Do we actually have proof that overseas Aid is wasted?

If we do have proof of Aid being wasted why is it wasted?

Is it because the UK can actually spare this money?

Is it bad planning?

Is it poor policies?

Is it poor distribution of Aid?

Who is responsible for ensuring that Aid is not wasted?

What can be done to ensure Aid isn’t wasted?

Does @JessOsmun have a point? Aid should not go to governments but instead to projects directly?

This point reminds me of a similar scheme here in the UK. Those that cannot afford to cover their housing costs get help from the government, in some case the money goes directly to the landlords.  But can they be trusted to let the government know when the tenant has moved on so that the government stops sending the money?

In other cases  the person(claimant as we call them) is paid housing benefit (money to pay their rent/landlord) directly but the person might chose to divert the money to something else say clothes leaving the landlord out of pocket.

What should the government do to come up with a system that does not produce either of those scenarios?


Can you see any similarities between Housing benefit and Overseas Aid?


Finally what can done to stop overseas Aid being wasted?


I will keep this short so we can have a conversation

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