Women’s Rights are we there yet?

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The economic, social and political rights are being discussed all over the media today

In the article for instance Helen Loveless argues that women are the key to recovery from the economic down turn


As a woman entrepreuner, I agree with some of the issues raised in the article such as the fear of getting into date as well as lasck of confidence. I do wonder hwoever if these issues are unique to women and would be interested in views on this from both men and women.

The best news I have read today is in the Independent on Sunday


You will recall that I wrote about Primark and their unethical practices


I am very encouraged that they have taken steps to right a bad situation. The issue about cheap fashion is that women in the developing world are not paid a fair wage for their efforts. As this is International Women’s day, why not take a stand against un ethical fashion/clothes.

You may argue that you can’t afford to financially, and I would suggest that the way around this is to buy a few decent, ethical pieces as there are likely to last and will always look good. We are all struggling financially and this is definitely not the time to  buy cheaply, as this may mean replacing your wardrobe every 6 weeks!!

Whilst the BBC Political Show spoke to 3 women and Harriet Herman on the rights and wrongs of equal pay amongst other things

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