WV USA, TShirts and the role of NGOS

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I hope you have by now sorted out a present for your valentine and those who made their choice based on Sarah’s recommendation, A BIG THANK YOU.

For you see here at Ethnic Supplies we believe this is the best way to address  poverty- what can  folk do to help themselves out of poverty and what can we do to help them achieve this goal?


You would certainly think so. But in an ideal world things are not that straight forward and it is always tempting to cut corners.

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When you are involved in development work, your work will bring you face to face with situations  that will make you want to throw money or Gifts in Kind and make them go away and it does happen to the best of us. The ability to desist this temptation to take short cuts is what carries you through and a key question to ask is

What about the next time? And trust me there will be a next time and another and another etc I suppose this would not be a problem if you have access to a gazzillion dollars and are inherently unethical.

I hope you are still with me so far as this gets interesting

This week I have written two blog posts on NGOs and Aid agencies. As far as I know or rather the ideal NGOs and Aid agencies should not be inherently unethical

In one post I asked a question IN WHOSE INTEREST DO NGOS AND AID AGENCIES WORK?.  This post was inspired by a story about food shortages in Karamoja North East Uganda a  region that has had Aid Agencies and NGO’s for nearly half a century but remains desperately poor. The situation is so bad that folk have taken to eating goat skin in order to survive because the World Food Program has woken up and decided that instead of handing out food they should encourage folk to grow their own food.

The Second post,  WORLD VISION AND THOSE 100,00 Tshirts OK I admit this is a bit of a rant. This post was inspired by  ongoing discussions on various social media platforms regarding the decision by World Vision USA  to dump 100,000 T shirts that have been gifted to them in kind by NFL. Never mind that Tshirts are from losing teams which shows how much regard WV USA has for the communities in which they work or perhaps they see folk in the developing world as losers- who knows?

So to  take you back to where I started it is tempting to throw money or even gifts in kind at problems in the developing world but in our opinion that does not make the problem go away as demonstrated by the Karamoja example.

If you are spending other people’s  money like NGO’s do it is not the ethical thing to do.

So why then is World Vision USA justifying their position in this matter? As the Americans Say GO FIGURE

And when you do please come back and share your views here.

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