You’re The One That I Want

Day 13- today’s task is to write a blog post using a name of a song.

If you are a regular here you may remember MAMA SAID THERE WILL BE DAYS LIKE THIS

For today’s post it is that tune from Grease-

You are the one I want to describe the perfect customer for Ethnic Supplies product range

But first an introduction to Ethnic Supplies


Ethnic Supplies aims are to promote economic and social development of East African women involved in handicraft and textile production by enabling them to bring their products to the market.

We work very closely with our producers to bring you the customer the very best handmade and ethically produced African handicrafts and fashion accessories created using natural materials and method. The women we work with are almost always excluded from any form of employment and this is their only source of income, therefore buying our products provides valuable income to these women.

We identify our producers through a referral system, and before we begin working with them a company representative visits them to assess the integrity and the work of the groups concerned.

Our purchase prices are determined by the women we work with as they are best placed to decide the value of the effort that they put into the work that they produce

The perfect Ethnic Supplies  customer

  1. Are you looking for a unique fashion accessory or home-ware
  2. Do like handmade products as opposed to mass produced
  3. Do you care about social issues
  4. Are you a vegan?
  5. Do you hate waste?
  6. Do you love vibrant colours?
  7. Do you care about the environment?
  8. Do you care that your fashion accessories have a story behind them
  9. Would you like to change your shopping habits
  10. do you like the idea of supporting companies with a strong social agenda
  11. Do you care that whatever it is you buy was ethically produced and that the producer got a fair wage?
  12. Are you looking for a fashion accessory made sustainably?
  13. Do you believe in trade being a better way of ending poverty
  14. Do you believe in taking direct action to end poverty
  15. Do you care about conservation
  16. What are your views on Fair trade?
  17. Do you subscribe to the view that there is no such thing as cheap fashion
  18. Do you care about the ethics of fashion
  19. Do you own a gift shop and are looking for unique gifts?
  20. Are you a retailer ?
  21. Are you a whole sale buyer

So how did you do? Does any of the above apply to you? If so  YOU ARE THE ONE  I WANT AS A CUSTOMER


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